Vaccination of Ghanaians cannot be delayed any further – Ghana Medical Association.

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Dr Frank Ankobea

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) is urging the government to do all it takes to get vaccines for Ghanaians to be vaccinated.
In a communique signed by the President, Dr Frank Ankobea and the General.Secretary Dr Justice after their National Executive Meeting on 30th July.they acknowledged that the sharp increasing numbers of new Covid 19 cases has resulted in the country being plunged into a 3rd wave.
They identified the deadly and highly contagous delta virus as the major variant responsible for the spread.
The statement identified the disregard for and lack of enforcement of all relevant protocols as the cause of the surge. They classify the Covid 19 situation as alarming and dire at this particular moment. It further states that the already overstretched and fragile national health systems may not be able to cope with the anticipated huge patient numbers if urgent preventive measures are not put in place.
They recommend the need to scale up free and enhanced covid 19 testing in our communities as an early detection measure.
GMA is urging the government to do all it can to fast track the process to enable Ghanaians to get the needed vaccination before the third wave being experienced gets out of hand.
According to the statement, vaccine acquisition and be by deployment must be the topmost priority of the government at this point of the battle against Covid 19.

Source: EBN TV

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