I was discouraged several times – AY Poyoo

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Comedian/musician AY Poyoo has revealed he encountered a lot of discouragement when he started his music career but kept pushing because he knew something big would happen.

“My friends told me I wouldn’t make it and even gave me a month to fade out. Some even told me I should stop fooling because music is for serious people. I told them I would prove them wrong because whatever I was doing for Ghanaians had been planned.”

“It’s been four months now since I started music and the success I have chalked is just amazing. To have the likes of American rappers 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and international comedian Michael Blackson talk about me goes to testify that I have been accepted,” he told talk show host Delay in an interview posted on YouTube on Friday morning.

As a musician, AY Poyoo said one needed to be creative to make his or her song stand out.

“So far I have released songs like Poison, Bae, Swimming Pool, Campaign Promise, Goat and Alcoholics and all the songs have been accepted. You need to believe in yourself and the sky is your limit,” he said.

According to AY Poyoo, his mother wanted him to be a doctor but he declined because he was ugly.

“I know most doctors are handsome but with the kind of face I have, I couldn’t just become a doctor because I would have scared the patients. Thank God my music career has been accepted worldwide because of my unique style,” he stated.

He is fond of going topless and wearing a big necklace and AY Poyoo explains that it is because he wants to look unique.

“How would I be different from the other musicians if I don’t carry my goat along with me and wear the big necklace? I need to be unique among my peers and my style has gotten me where I am now,” he said.

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